Great Reasons to Hire a PS&R Staffing Professional


PS&R Staffing professionals are expert matchmakers who excel at bringing employers and job seekers together. Work with the best by choosing those who are ethical and trustworthy with years of proven experience and a well earned reputation for success.

  1. We understand that time is money and work to free up employers to focus their time on doing business and increasing the bottom line, not sifting through stacks of resumes.

  2. We are good listeners and we work hard to understand what is most important in meeting employers' needs.

  3. We are highly intuitive and superb at judging character, integrity and honesty to consistently deliver hard-to-find quality candidates.

  4. As successful staffing professionals, we build rapport easily and are skilled in discovering the strengths in candidates. However, we are also highly perceptive and will not hesitate to respectfully reject candidates who do not meet our high standards.

  5. We have many years of hands on, in the field experience, which makes us nimble and responsive, providing quick results and reducing turnover.

Look for more great reasons to partner with a staffing professional in the next post.

Hired by Pamela Getz

Posted in Staffing Solutions.