I met with the founder of PS&R (Kathy Orcutt) and was impressed with her honest approach to my background, career, and the job market. She knows her craft and the ever-changing market, and was so helpful with great ideas on how to approach my job search and what to expect. She took the time to get to know me. When Kathy called me, it was fate. She had the perfect job for me! If my new company needs a position filled, I am going to the professionals at PS&R, where the resumes I review will be matched to the business, the people, and the job. Thanks Kathy!

~ Fran M.


I met with Kathy Orcutt of PS&R over the phone. She was very professional and honest when talking to me. Although I did not qualify for the job I was applying for, Kathy took the time to give me advice on my resume and to get to know my background beyond what was written on paper. She ended up looking for other assignments that I could take part in while we conversed. Kathy is responsive hard working. I would definitely recommend the services of PS&R.

~ Javier P.


I recently worked with Kathy Orcutt and Diane Read on hiring two great administrative assistants. My initial inquiry was for a temp to cover for a departing employee– the person she sent was top-notch and we hired her permanently! While we were in the process, Kathy also identified a second high quality candidate– while we were only in the market for one person, the second person was so good that we hired her as well! I have recruited a number of administrative assistants over the last several years, with results that were mixed at best–Kathy’s ability to find great people and deftly bring them through the entire hiring process has made our company much better and I look forward to working with PS&R again in the future

~ Marc W, COO


I had heard great things about PS&R, so I decided to give them a call. The moment I met Kathleen Hannigan Orcutt, I knew I was in good hands. She immediately put me at ease and let me know that she had carefully read my resume and understood my strengths. Kathy seemed confident that she could place me in the kind of position I wanted, so I felt confident, too!
A few days later, Kathy arranged for me to meet an employer who was “interested in meeting me.” The interview lasted three hours and I was invited back for a second interview two days later. When Kathy called to tell me that they wanted to offer me the job, it just felt like it was meant to be. Her insights about my skills, temperament, the company and the person they were looking for turned out to be exactly right. She really is a master at her craft. I only wish I had called her sooner.

~ Paula G.


This was the first time my company has used a temp agency, and we hit the jackpot when we found PS&R. They are so professional and Kathy Orcutt, the owner, treated us like we were her only clients! We had such a positive experience that we decided to use them again to hire a data entry-front desk person. The person she placed with us has been one of the best workers we have ever had in our workplace. I highly recommend PS&R and would use them instead of going through the stress of trying to hire staff.

~ Kathy W, President


They take the time to understand our staffing needs and the culture of our organization. I would recommend Preferred to business associates as well as friends who may be looking for a new job.

~ Jenifer K, Manager of Administrative Operations


We are extremely happy with the candidate you placed with us. His education and personal skills are a perfect match for our office and the student workers he partners with on the reception desk. He thinks on his feet, is not afraid to ask questions, and is a congenial colleague. He fits right in here.
I have to tell you that after finding Preferred Staffing & Recruiting, we left our ‘in-house’ agency in the dust because the few resumes they belatedly provided were totally inappropriate for the work we do, the constituency we serve and the team of people who work here.

~ Deb, Financial Aid


Incredible staff at PS&R. Proficient, professional and personal. Kathleen Orcutt found the perfect match that I’ve been searching for; the job met my skills and the type of office culture I wanted. Erin Keysor is a great help. She is fast and efficient and helped me make a smooth transition into employment. I highly recommend PS&R, and will recommend them to my friends and anyone in search of their ideal job!!

~ Lisa C.


It is a pleasure to work with Kathleen Orcutt. She always replies back within minutes whenever I have questions. While most recruiters I have come in contact with take days, if not weeks, to give you an update, Kathy takes time out of her busy schedule to email me even on evenings and weekends. Quite rare to find such a professional to work with.

~ Anna G.


It’s been a pleasure working with your group, and we’re thrilled to have found Jenny through your agency. Best wishes and we’ll keep in touch!

~ Robert C., Director of Administration & Development


I am the Call Center Recruiter for a global company and have worked with Preferred Staffing and Recruiting for four years. The majority of my interaction with them is during the summer and fall when I work on an annual initiative that requires hiring over 100 temps in a short period of time. During those months, Preferred Staffing and Recruiting provides me with both quality and quantity candidates. They know the level of candidate talent that I require and personally meet with each and every one before submitting for my approval. They are pleasant, professional and truly enjoy the work they do. It is always a pleasure to work with them.

~ Mary B., Staffing Consultant


Within a week of sending in my resume and speaking with Kathy about what I was looking for, she found me a great temporary to permanent position that was a perfect fit. PS&R also has an extremely user-friendly online system for entering hours worked, which makes things so easy. Overall, extremely professional, caring and a pleasure to work with!

~ Gary C.


I have worked with many agencies and I can honestly say that PS&R is the best agency I have worked with in the Boston area. The staff really do go the extra mile. They helped me find the right job opportunities and I appreciate the way they stay in touch during and after completion of assignments. I highly recommend Preferred Staffing & Recruiting.

~ Linda Q.


Over the years that I have worked with the women at Preferred Staffing & Recruiting, they have provided me with opportunities that I otherwise would not have had. They are very professional and efficient and provide helpful feedback. I value this team as a great
resource and highly recommend them to anyone looking for employment opportunities.

~ Diana R.


Preferred Staffing & Recruiting helped launch my career! Kathy and Diane worked with me to find the perfect fit! I am now working at my dream job. I can’t thank them enough.

~ Jennifer R.


This group is probably the best I’ve ever worked with – very professional. Diane Amelia Read in particular has a warmth and intelligence in her interactions with people. I also love the PS&R personal touch: When you get hired, they send you an encouraging email; when the job is done, they send another one expressing their appreciation and an upbeat note about future prospects. Nice. Not many employment agencies know ― or care enough to know ― that adding those extra touches makes a real difference to job seekers. It certainly has made a difference for me.

~ Karen C.


I am fortunate to have been offered a full-time position at Boston University School of Medicine as the result of working with Preferred Staffing & Recruiting, a wonderful company of people who actually care for their temporary employees.

~ Lance M.


I do want to thank you again for all of your assistance and support with my job search. After I met with you in person, I recommended you to all of my friends on Facebook!

~ Jamie T.


It’s been a true pleasure to have worked with you and I look forward to possible future collaborations as well.”

~ MJ, Assistant to the Associate VP for Enrollment


You really have a special blend of professionalism and grace.

~ Greg G.


I believe my success in this new role is, in part, due to the excellent matching by PS&R of my skills and background to an employer and position that could both utilize me and yet could also give me room and challenges enough to grow and learn on the job.

~ Darryl T.


Preferred Staffing & Recruiting is one of the best agencies to sign with. The staff is knowledgeable, conscientious, personable and focused on matching your skills to the employer’s requirements. I am grateful to both Kathy and Diane for their tireless efforts on my behalf and placing me in so many rewarding assignments throughout the years. All were a great match for me and my skills, varied and diverse, from science and healthcare conventions to small and large companies The employers were wonderful and the experiences rewarding. Kathy and her staff are hidden jewels and a joy and delight to work with. I strongly recommend Preferred Staffing & Recruiting as one of the best agencies to contact when exploring new career opportunities.

~ Linda K.


I started working with this agency after being laid off after15 years in retail, and have found Preferred Staffing & Recruiting easy to work with and very professional. The owner, Kathy Orcutt, is diligent in seeking and matching organizations with employees, and is great about staying in touch. I’ve worked at a couple of very nice companies; their needs were well suited to my skill set. If you need a good job, call PS&R!

~ Maribeth S.


I would recommend this staffing agency as the best I have worked with. Jennifer was a tremendous help and an extremely warm and caring person to work with.

~ Linda M.