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Top 3 Recruiter Myths and Truths

Recruiting agencies are hired for their knowledge and the networks they use to find the best candidate for your open jobs. Using a headhunter can be very beneficial for a busy HR executive. There are some misconceptions about the recruiting industry that may have been true at one time but are not now.

Here are a few myths (and truths) about executive recruiters…

1) Why do I need a recruiter?

You may have noticed that even some very large corporations with substantial human resource departments always work with recruiters.  Corporate HR staff often partner with professional staffing agencies because recruiting requires a lot of time.  Additionally, it requires some specialized skills that your team might not have.  Recruiters have a broader network to pull from and we focus solely on your job vacancy until we find the perfect candidate for your company.

2) It’s a myth that Recruiting agencies are costly

Yes, you do have to pay recruiters for their work.  Because, it’s that exact work that frees you up to get your daily responsibilities completed.  You won’t need to scan resumes, actively recruit, post to online job boards, or field phone calls from unqualified applicants, all because we will do the preliminary work for you.  The value of a professional recruiter can be seen in your personal productivity.

3) Another myth is that working with a Recruiter takes extra time

A recruiting agency can actually streamline the process for you.  We have the experience to handle the initial steps of the search quickly and thoroughly so that you see only the most qualified candidates.  Your valuable time will be utilized when it counts – to choose which of the final top-notch applicants would be the best fit for your company.

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