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What to Expect When You Work with a Recruiting Agency

A recruiting agency can offer a wealth of knowledge about recruiting, hiring, and retaining staff, so make sure you are getting the most from the agency you pick. Here are some things you should consider when interviewing an agency.  Your professional recruiter should be happy to answer all of your questions and act as your perfect partner.

Communication is probably the most important piece of your partnership. Your recruiter is the liaison between your company and your next new employee. If you and your recruiting agent have a good rapport and communicate effectively, then you will have confidence that they will find you an employee who is a good fit for your company.  So, when choosing a professional recruiter, make sure to partner with a good communicator who will provide relevant updates and ask the right questions during the search process.

Typically, you will sign a contract with an executive recruiter outlining certain aspects of your partnership.  Some smaller details may not appear in the contract but are still very important.  For example; what is the screening process that your recruiter uses?  How many applicants will they present for each job opening, and how soon will you see these resumes?  If you know that everyone has the same expectations, the process is bound to go smoothly.

It’s also important to give your recruitment manager the tools they need to find you the best possible candidates.  Teaching them about the culture of your company and providing detailed job descriptions will help them find the right match.

Now that you’ve chosen the best candidate for the job and are ready to extend an offer, it’s time for your recruiter to really shine.  It’s possible that this person is entertaining other job opportunities or is concerned about the details of your offer.  Your recruiter is there to help you communicate and negotiate to get that perfect candidate signed.

Above all, remember that top recruiting firms are the ones that make the client their main priority!

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