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3 Ways to Improve your Company’s Image

You are a busy HR executive with the goal of attracting, hiring, and retaining the best staff for your business.  Whether you have partnered with a recruiting agency or you are doing the hiring on your own, here are some steps you can take that can leave a lasting impact on the brand of your company.  These actions will help get like-minded candidates to your door faster and make you more successful.

1. Networking

Be proactive in cultivating relationships outside of the office.  Hiring managers should be engaging in network-related social gatherings, communicating through career-related blogs, and joining job seeker networks.  Put yourself out there to create a positive and viral message about your company and the culture it provides.  If your company is part of the broader community, you are bound to attract more talent.

2. Perpetuating Culture

The key piece here is awareness.  Use social media and job review web sites such as Great Place to Work and Indeed to learn what employees are saying about your company.  If you are informed, you can respond to questions or inquires in a way that will build on your business reputation.  For example, if you know an area in which your company is lacking you can discuss your focus on improving that area.  You can also use positive feedback to reaffirm and reinforce where your company is currently exceeding.

3. Transparency

Consider the fact that job seekers touch dozens of companies a week, either by sending resumes or going on interviews.  A future employee is bound to remember the hiring manager who responds to their emails, sets timelines on when they will hear back, and follows through on those timelines.  Whether that person lands at your company or another, they will have a positive feeling of their experience with you.  Communication and transparency are key to creating a good reputation and brand for your business.

If you’ve hired Preferred Staffing & Recruiting to help with your hiring, you can be sure that we are taking all of these steps to find you the best candidate for the job.

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