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Three Tips for Welcoming a New Employee to Your Team

You’ve made a new hire – congratulations!  Whether an executive search firm made the placement, or an HR department did the hiring, it is now your job as a manager to welcome your new employee. Here are a few things you can do in advance to make sure your new team member feels included and appreciated.

  1. Connect. In the week or weeks before your employees start date, send them a welcome email! This is a good opportunity to let them know how happy you are they will be joining the team, while also confirming important details like start date and time. Your HR department may have done this already, but it will mean even more coming from you. This is also a great time to send an invitation to connect on LinkedIn.  Be sure to include a nice note along with your request.
  2. Set them up for success. Create an onboarding document for your new employee.  This should include items such as colleague information, applicable logins and office information, and a list of job responsibilities. Additionally, do your best to have their new workspace in order.  Make sure it is clean and vacant of past employee’s personal items.  You could involve IT to make sure everything technical is squared away, as this will save your employee valuable time on their first day.
  3. Make time. Set up a welcome lunch with the team for your new employee’s first week. Save time in your schedule for check ins to ensure they are settling in.

These might seem like simple steps, but they are surefire ways for your new employee to start work feeling like part of your team. If you need assistance finding your next talented hire, PS&R is here to help. Our seasoned Boston recruiters have been providing permanent and temporary workforce solutions since 1984.


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