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Four Tips for Reducing Holiday Stress

The holiday season is quickly approaching! While it can be a fun and joyous time, the season also brings with it a dizzying array of demands. We’re buying gifts, hosting overnight guests, attending parties, throwing parties – all of this in addition to work and our regular obligations. It’s no wonder this time of year fills many people with anxiety. Here are a few tips to help minimize stress and more thoroughly enjoy this festive time of year.

  1. Be realistic. The season of giving might put you in the mood to splurge on yourself and others. But it’s important to take a step back, evaluate your budget, and set expectations. When possible, consider a homemade gift or a coupon for an activity that you can do together with that person. Instead of buying the designer dress for that holiday party, opt for a new pair of earrings that will dress up something you already have hanging in your closet. Afterall, the holiday season is about gratitude and spending time with people you love, and not about spending money.
  2. Make lists. Keeping track of gift gifting, work, and social obligations can be extra tricky this time of year. Although your lists might feel overwhelming at first, there is no greater feeling than crossing items off. That feeling of accomplishment will fuel you to jump right into the next task. When things are written out in front of you rather than swimming in your head, prioritizing to-do’s becomes much easier.
  3. Prioritize you. With so much to do this coming month, the first thing people tend to ignore is their own well-being. However, this is not the time to abandon your gym routine, skip your scheduled hair appointment, or cancel that coffee date with an old friend. The best way to combat holiday stress and winter blues is to do the things that make you feel good and feed your soul, so be sure you make time for yourself.
  4. Give back. As mentioned earlier, the season is really about gratitude and love. Volunteering or donating to those in need is one way to show gratitude for all that you have. There is also a personal upside to spending your time helping others. Scientific research provides strong data in support of the idea that giving actually helps people find purpose and fulfillment in life.

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