Temporary staff and direct hires for Boston-based charities

For the best staff to fill temporary positions in the nonprofit sector, look no further than Preferred Staffing & Recruiting. Our staff’s nonprofit work experience includes fundraisers, administrators, researchers, project workers, care workers, housing and support staff, counseling workers and much more.

Preferred Staffing & Recruiting’s team of experienced workers has been built up to meet the growing demand from not-for-profit organizations for highly skilled and motivated staff. We take time to get to know our clients and our candidates, developing on-going associations that allow us to consistently match skilled, professional people in Metro Boston with appropriate career opportunities in the charities sector.

Beginning as Preferred Temporaries in 1984, we consistently work hard for employers and prospective employees, gaining an unrivalled reputation for our knowledge and understanding of local business and the people that live and work here.

Preferred Staffing & Recruiting is fully committed to sourcing all kinds of talented nonprofit workers. To find out how we can fulfill your staffing requirements, please contact us now or place a job order online.