Temp and perm staff for and academic administration in Boston

Preferred Staffing & Recruiting is the place to find temporary and permanent employees for the education sector. If you need a Program Coordinator, Registration Assistant, Library Technician, Student Services Advisor, Executive Assistant to the Dean, Office Manager or Operations Manager, Career Counselor, Veteran Services Coordinator, or support staff – Preferred Staffing & Recruiting has fully trained, experienced staff eager to step into the role.

Whether an elementary school or higher education, we cover the entire education sector, so if you are looking to fill staff vacancies in schools, colleges, universities or any other training organizations, Preferred Staffing & Recruiting can provide the perfect candidate for the job.

Working side by side with employers and prospective employees in Boston and across Massachusetts since 1984, Preferred Staffing & Recruiting has built up an unrivalled reputation for our knowledge and understanding of local organizations and the people that live and work here. We take time to get to know our clients and our candidates, building enduring relationships that enable us to consistently supply high quality staff to fill vacancies at all levels.

To discover how Preferred Staffing & Recruiting can fulfill all your temporary staffing needs in education, simply contact us now or place a job order online.