Professional, Personable and Proficient Temporary Staff

Why choose Preferred Staffing & Recruiting? The answer is simple – we pride ourselves on providing the highest quality, professional, personable and proficient staff. We believe our employees reflect our own high standards. For over 30 years we have provided excellent service to our clients. Our approach is not about filling as many positions as we can with as many candidates as we can. We listen to our clients’ needs and match the most appropriate candidate. This is only possible by our professional approach, of taking the time to get to know both clients and prospective temporary staff.

We require every candidate to act in a professional manner; to take pride in their work-ethic and timekeeping. Also, we require each individual to be personable, to fit into a working environment and create a positive work experience for themselves and their colleagues. We require every candidate to be proficient in the skills you require. How? – by matching the candidates with the right levels of qualifications and experience to the appropriate positions.

Our commitment to you – professional, personable and proficient temporary staff. Our employees are our reputation, and that’s why we stand out as premier among staffing agencies.

To find out more about Preferred Staffing & Recruiting’s available temporary staff please call us, contact us, or or place a job order online.