Experienced Temporary Staff for Immediate Employment

Need temporary staff urgently? At Preferred Staffing & Recruiting we have experienced staff available that enjoy the flexibility of temporary work and are on call when we need them. Our professional assigned workers are available for immediate employment, and ready to fill a wide variety of jobs.

However, if you need immediate temporary staff, does it mean we send you whatever we have, without the usual checks and considerations? Absolutely not. We never compromise on quality – our reputation as Boston’s preferred employment agency depends on it. We simply have staff we can call on with little notice, as this fulfills their own needs and provides us with the ability to fill positions urgently.

We are experienced in responding to the urgency of immediate employment requests, and can reassure you that our staff at Preferred Staffing & Recruiting will always strive to provide you with the ideal assigned employee however much notice you give us.

Try us, and you’ll see why Boston’s businesses keep returning to us to provide them with experienced staff for immediate employment. Please  contact us or place a job order online.