Computer, PC & Mac operators – permanent or contract jobs in Boston

If you’re a computer, PC or Mac operator looking for contract and permanent work in the Boston and Massachusetts area, Preferred Staffing & Recruiting has an extensive selection of jobs waiting for you!

From data input to spreadsheet and database work, we have contract and permanent positions for anyone with professional computer, PC or Mac operator skills. With clients from all industries (banking, retail, communications, legal, non-profit, marketing, media, medical…), Preferred Staffing & Recruiting provides them with computer, PC and Mac operators at all levels of ability, on site or remotely.

Preferred Staffing & Recruiting has been working hard for employers and prospective employees in the Metro Boston and Greater Massachusetts area since 1984. During this time we have built up an unrivalled reputation for our knowledge and understanding of local business and the people that live and work here.

With extensive experience in placing people with IT skills into temporary positions, we are able to act quickly to help anyone searching for a position in this dynamic sector. So if you’re looking for temporary computer, PC or Mac operator work, let Preferred Staffing & Recruiting put you in touch with employers that are searching for someone with your skills. Contact us now now or get started by registering online.