Ask KHO – Spring 2018 – Hiring is robust!

Kathleen Hannigan Orcutt (KHO) is a human resources and staffing industry veteran with over three decades of experience. As President of Preferred Staffing & Recruiting, her keen understanding of the news and views that help shape the industry has earned her a reputation as a trusted advisor and thought leader.

PS&R: Is spring a good time to hire?

KHO: Absolutely! After four storms in three weeks, employers are anxious to move forward. There is a lot of pent up demand and we’re very busy.

PS&R: How can employers find the best talent in this tight labor market?

KHO: Don’t go it alone. It really is a jungle out there. We specialize in delivering hard-to-find candidates with skills that tick off the boxes on your wish list, and we make the hiring process so much easier.

PS&R: Do you think we’ll see any growth in wages?

KHO: I think it’s important to remember that 2018 marks a decade out since the Financial Crisis. Many business owners have learned important lessons leading to solid improvements and new ways of doing business. Increasing wages is the next step and I do think we’ll begin to see that happen over the next two quarters.

PS&R: Who is hiring?

We’re doing more business with employers in engineering, biotech and other technical professions. Demand is high for civil and structural engineers, and as new grads enter the marketplace hiring will continue at a brisk pace. Hiring is also strong and steady in the business sector and in education and health care.

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Temporary Work: 10 Tips for Success

Employers and job seekers looking for flexible solutions find temporary work to be an excellent option. While there’s no guarantee that a temporary job will turn into a permanent position, the potential is certainly there as more employers realize that hiring a temp allows them to try out a new employee before making a commitment.

What’s the best way to succeed as a temp? Follow these 10 tips:

  1. Fit in quickly, be easy to get along with and put others at ease.
  2. Show initiative and enthusiasm for learning new procedures and skills.
  3. Bring the three R’s to every assignment: respect, reliability and resourcefulness.
  4. Note and become mindful of your supervisor’s preferences, habits and routines.
  5. When others say, “that’s not my job” or “I don’t do that,” step up and say, Yes!
  6. Love meeting new people and show it – in person and over the phone.
  7. Always introduce yourself by name and not as “the temp.”
  8. Stay inspired by keeping a personal list of accomplishments.
  9. Excel at embracing change and appreciating variety.
  10. Treat every assignment like gold.

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Temporary Work: The Option Is Yours

More employers and job seekers looking for flexible solutions are finding temporary work to be an excellent option. Working as a temp offers opportunities to stay productive and keep earning “in between” jobs. And it’s ideal for those who want the flexibility to work part- or full-time in a variety of settings.

While there’s no guarantee that a temporary job will turn into a permanent position, the potential is certainly there as more employers realize that hiring a temp allows them to try out a new employee before making a commitment.

For example, a company manager who was unable to find his ideal candidate decided to hire a temp for help with a new product launch. After the temp turned in several weeks of strong performance, he realized that she was actually the person he’d been searching for. Eager to create a full-time, permanent position if the right candidate ever came along, the manager made an offer and the temp accepted – a win-win for both.

What’s the best way to succeed as a temp? Check back for 10 tips for success.

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More Great Reasons to Hire a Staffing Professional

  1. Increase your chances of finding your ideal candidate by working with pros that have making the right match down to a science.
  1. Take advantage of their strong coaching and communications skills and the added value these provide.
  1. Benefit from their best practices in selecting candidates, offering thorough assessments and providing honest feedback.
  1. Understand the power of their networking capability. Being constantly plugged in to what is happening in the Massachusetts business marketplace enables staffing professionals to consistently perform – and often outperform – in all business climates.
  1. Recognize that staffing professionals bring trust and stability to company operations, increase productivity and the bottom line!

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Great Reasons to Hire a PS&R Staffing Professional


PS&R Staffing professionals are expert matchmakers who excel at bringing employers and job seekers together. Work with the best by choosing those who are ethical and trustworthy with years of proven experience and a well earned reputation for success.

  1. We understand that time is money and work to free up employers to focus their time on doing business and increasing the bottom line, not sifting through stacks of resumes.

  2. We are good listeners and we work hard to understand what is most important in meeting employers' needs.

  3. We are highly intuitive and superb at judging character, integrity and honesty to consistently deliver hard-to-find quality candidates.

  4. As successful staffing professionals, we build rapport easily and are skilled in discovering the strengths in candidates. However, we are also highly perceptive and will not hesitate to respectfully reject candidates who do not meet our high standards.

  5. We have many years of hands on, in the field experience, which makes us nimble and responsive, providing quick results and reducing turnover.

Look for more great reasons to partner with a staffing professional in the next post.

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