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Preferred Staffing & Recruiting Founder and President, Kathleen Hannigan Orcutt (KHO) is a human resources and staffing industry veteran with more than three decades of experience. Her keen understanding of the news and views that help shape the industry has earned her a reputation as a trusted advisor and thought leader, adept at offering insight and perspective on various topics of interest and concern.


What do you make of the wave of sexual harassment and misconduct allegations from women in the entertainment, media and other industries?


It should come as no surprise. Women have been tolerating sexual harassment in the workplace for decades, but this abuse of power has finally reached a tipping point. There is zero tolerance for this behavior; it is now unacceptable.

Sexual harassment and misconduct are also prevalent among men, members of the LGTB community, low-wage earners, teens and young adults working part-time and summer jobs. Sadly, many young interns just starting out in their careers have been victimized as well. The growing number of reports and the firings of prominent people like Matt Lauer, James Levine and Charlie Rose may seem like an extreme reaction, but when years of silence and pent-up emotion are released, serious consequences are inevitable. I think we will look back at this time as the beginning of real cultural change in the workplace.


Many people assume that the holiday season is a difficult time for hiring. Is this true?


Actually, it can be a great time to hire. If you’re working with a staffing professional, let them know you’re actively seeking to hire or be hired. Job seekers should stay active and be alert to opportunities. Employers are thinking ahead and many want to hire in December to prepare for a strong start in the New Year.

The congenial atmosphere during the holiday season is also conducive to hiring. Good cheer abounds and employers feel more relaxed and receptive when it comes to meeting new candidates. Attending holiday gatherings is also a great way to network.

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